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How to control premature ejaculation naturally

It can be one of the most frustrating experiences a man can have. You’re being intimate with your significant other – only to have the horses reach the finish line before even the starter pistol has been fired. Premature ejaculation is an issue that isn’t as visible as erectile dysfunction is in the media.

natural ways to prevent premature ejaculation

But according to a study by the University of Chicago in 2010, a higher percentage of men suffer from it more than ED. There are some forms of medication that can help with this challenge, but other these are only applicable in extreme cases. Luckily, there are plenty of natural remedies available to help men control, fix and combat premature ejaculation.

 Natural Remedies to Control Premature Ejaculation

Stop and Start Method

One of the main reasons men have such issues is that they often have lost control over themselves when they orgasm. This concerns not only mental issues but physical ones as well, mainly control over the pubococcygeus muscle at the base of their penis.

To address the mental issue, men suffering from PE should try masturbating right to the point of ejaculation and then stop.

Once that have relaxed, they should do this again. Repeat this process until it becomes virtually impossible to not ejaculate. This will help him better identify the point of no return with regards to how long he can prevent himself for orgasm directly.

Squeeze Method

To address the physical challenges of PE, men should masturbate again like in the stop and start method. But this time, instead of stopping once they near orgasm, they should squeeze the base of their penis, stopping ejaculation right before it starts.

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This will help him gain more control over his pubococcygeus muscle during intercourse, or at the very least give him a method to prevent premature ejaculation manually rather than mentally.

Male Kegel Exercises

While some of these remedies are immediate, there are plenty of preventative measures men can take that will help control PE more kegel exersicespermanently. Though you might view kegel exercises as strictly the province of women, men can practice exerting control over their pubococcygeus muscle by practice flexing it while under pressure.

You don’t even have to masturbate to exercise this muscle either. The next time you urinate, try and stopping the flow of urine during the act. The more times you can repeat stopping this flow, the more you are exercising this muscle.

Try and increase the amount of repetition you’re capable of during urination and you’ll start building this muscle up -thereby giving you more direct control over it. This method along with the stop and start method of identifying your point of no return will help you.

Another way to exercise this muscle is to clench and release this muscle repeatedly for ten seconds. Try doing this for three sets with a ten second break in-between each set. This should better help build up the ability to contract this muscle when close to orgasm.

Deep Breathing

These are more hands-on approaches to the problem of PE, but often such drastic measures aren’t’ even necessary. More often than not, simple irregularities such as shallow, short breathing can speed up the heart rate and trigger premature ejaculation.

Deep breathing meditation is very effective at slowing your heart rate and and prevent PE. Try spending five seconds breathing in one, deep full breath. Hold it for about three seconds and exhale for five seconds. Try practicing doing this for five minutes without breaking this rhythm.

Once you have mastered this breathing technique, you’re ready to apply it in the bedroom during intercourse once you feel the onset of PE. Even better, when you do this with a sexual partner, paying attention to someone else’s breathing pattern can help build intimacy and enhance sexual pleasure in the long run.


Natural Supplements

supplements to control ejaculation
There are some synthesized medications for addressing PE, but these often can have negative side effects. There are, however, herbal supplements meant to address normal health issues that also can
help control sexual dysfunction as well, including PE.

Though it might require some additional research to pinpoint when herbal supplement can address health issues you actually have as well as PE, you should look into Angelica, Cinnamon bark, Clove, Don Qua and Panax Ginseng.

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These remedies can help delay ejaculation in the short term, but if you want to end premature ejaculation permanently I recommend this page.


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